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Meet Andrea

I’m Andrea! You may know me from my Alaska travel blog. If not, welcome to my Portugal travel blog. I created Packed For Portugal in 2022 so I could have a dedicated site to share my experience living and traveling in Portugal.

Portugal is one of my favorite countries in the world. The first time I visited Portugal was in 2014 on my first backpacking trip EVER!

After receiving my Irish dual-citizenship in 2018, I decided that I should take the opportunity to use it and move abroad. In 2019, I decided to leave the US and packed for Portugal!

After traveling around Portugal for a month, I ended up living in Praia da Luz, a small coastal village near to Lagos in the sunny Algarve. I ended up living there for an entire summer while I worked at a surf lodge. After the summer, I left Portugal to continue to travel around the world.

Since then, I’ve been back to Portugal many times (because I’m OBSESSED with it). I love the country for it’s beautiful people, amazing culture, delicious food, surf vibes, and incredible beaches.

Now, I’m sharing my insider tips to help you plan an incredible trip to Portugal.

Plus, I’m actually getting married in Portugal in 2024! So, I’m sure I’ll share a bit about that, too!

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