Coasteering in Sagres: Everything You Need to Know

Coasteering in Sagres was something I never imagined doing, especially since I didn’t even know what coasteering was until I moved to Portugal.

Coasteering is basically a sport that combines rock climbing, cliff jumping, and swimming in the ocean.

It’s an adrenaline-fuelled adventure and one of the best places to try this sport out is along the cliffs in Sagres.

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Your Guide to Coasteering in Sagres, Portugal

Where to go coasteering in Sagres

There are a few different tour companies that offer coasteering in the Algarve. I went on a tour in Sagres with Sagres Coasteering Tours (formerly Poseidon Adventures).

All of their guides are experienced in the ocean and familiar with the area, so you’ll be in safe hands. If you’re new to coasteering, they will make sure you feel comfortable throughout your adventure as you jump off the cliffs from different heights.

Here are other companies that offer coasteering in the Algarve:

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What to expect when coasteering in Sagres

After booking your tour, you will meet your tour guide and get to the tour starting point in Costa Vicentina Natural Park.

You will get fitted out with all the equipment you need to go coasteering, including a wetsuit, a life jacket, shorts, water shoes, and a helmet. Some tour companies may also provide gloves.

What do I need to bring?

The only things you need to bring are a towel and a swimsuit, which you should put on before you get picked up. Oh, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your face.

I would also recommend bringing a bottle of water and your own GoPro camera if you want to take your own photos or videos. But, it’s not necessary as they will provide you with some photos and videos after your tour!

You can leave behind any belongings you don’t want to get wet.

coasteering sagres
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After you’re all suited up, your tour guide will go over all things safety and assess the current conditions. You’ll walk down the water’s edge and begin your adventure in Sagres with a few small jumps into the Atlantic Ocean.

Your first few jumps into the sea are exciting, especially if you haven’t done a lot of cliff jumping. Each time you jump, you will build your confidence and your adrenaline will rise. It’s so much fun!

During your tour, you will follow a route along the coastline. After jumping into the sea, you’ll swim in the ocean, explore the inside of sea caves or grottoes, see hidden beaches, and climb back up the rocky cliffs. Then you get to do it over and over again!

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So, exactly how high is the cliff in Sagres that you get to jump from?

Every jump gets higher and higher and you’ll build up to a cliff jump from 10 meters high. That’s over 30 feet!

After your last jump into the sea, you will follow the cliffs along the coastal path back to where the tour started. Tours usually last three hours.

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Is coasteering difficult?

Coasteering is not difficult and you don’t need any prior experience or special skills to try it out. In fact, some tours allow children as young as eight years old to do it. I will say that you will need to be comfortable with heights

Who should go coasteering?

Coasteering is ideal for anyone looking for an adventurous outdoor activity to try. It is suitable for groups as well as families.

Coasteering was definitely one of my favorite outdoor activities to do in Sagres.

👉 If you’re excited to try it out, you can book your coasteering adventure here.

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Answering Your Questions

Where can I go cliff jumping in Algarve?

Sagres and Albufeira are some of the best places for cliff jumping in the Algarve. You can easily book a coasteering tour to do this.

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If you're looking for a fun-fuelled and adrenaline junkie type of adventure in Sagres then go coasteering. This sport is great for families with teenagers and takes you wild swimming, cliff jumping, and rock climbing. Best things to do in Sagres Portugal. If you're visiting the sunny Algarve to Lagos or Albufeira, you don't want to miss Sagres.

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